Linear LLC Garage Door Opener Review

Linear was founded back in 1961 and it initially was a retail operation that sold and installed automatic garage door openers for residential installations. However soon after the inception of the company the decision was made to create an electronics manufacturing company and as a direct result of this decision the company acquired the rights to manufacture wireless radio controls.

The company then grew and evolved with time thanks to its continued research and development that spawned smaller and more reliable wireless controls and nowadays Linear LLC offers the full spectrum of advanced alarm monitoring components as well a plethora of wireless products including garage door openers.

LDO33 Garage Door Opener – Linear LLC

The LDO33 garage door opener is a 1/3 horse power garage door operator which can be gotten with a belt drive or a chain drive whichever you fancy, you can choose from an exceptionally quiet belt drive and a very solid-performing chain drive.

The model features an obstacle sensing beam and whenever this beam is crossed the door will reverse to the full open position thereby avoiding any unpleasant accidents that might occur. The model also comes with the possibility of ?parking? it, meaning that it can be stopped during its normal travel to allow for ventilation.

The Linear remote controls that this model comes equipped with have a very long operating range and they use high security technology that will prevent any third party from stealing and using your code. The model benefits from a large and clearly marked wall station providing illumination so that you can find it in the dark.

The model turns on the courtesy 100 Watt light that is built-in whenever the opener is used and when you need to open or close the garage door then the model also come equipped with a simple door release. The system has a self-diagnostic technology which constantly checks to see whether or not everything is properly working and in the unlikely event of a problem the system will pinpoint the trouble and let you know by flashing the courtesy light.

LCO75 Garage Door Opener – Linear LLC

The LCO75 garage door opener is a 3/4 HP system which can be very easily used in smaller commercial installations where it will see a moderate amount of operation as well or in residential applications where there are heavy carriage-type style doors.

The LCO75 is capable of performing thirteen operations per hour or fifty operations per day and it can be used with both Linear’s belt-drive and chain-drive options in their various lengths. In order to make the installation process easier, all the buttons and lights are situated on the same face of the operator offering easy access for setting the systems limits, the amount of strength used settings, the transmitter learn/erase button and the RF signal/interference indicator.

The model comes equipped with infrared safety beams that prevent accidents from taking place when the door is closing, a three button transmitter which can be used to control three doors, a lighted wall station and a control button for the courtesy light.

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