Barn Style Garage Doors

Barn style garage doors are not popular anymore. It is since the door looks old and dull. In fact the style of the doors is unique. Barn style is also able to give fresh and warm ambience for the home. If you are interested in the style, you are able to adopt the style for others. Some ideas will come by looking at the pictures of it. You are able to do the same. You can see some pictures of barn doors and then do some modifications on it. If you are lost and do not know how to create your barn doors to be more stylish and sophisticated, here are some examples that you can adopt.

Styles of New Barn Style Garage Doors

Falling in love with something makes you fool. You will be more skeptical to other things. That is also happening to somebody who likes barn style garage doors. Even though the doors are not popular, he will keep installing it. The fact is that a part of your house will look so old fashioned and not stylish. If you have that experience, you are able to change your mind. You are able to keep your live to your cowboy style for your garage doors but some modifications are necessary to do.

One point that you have to take into account is that you need to choose the doors that are in line with design and architecture applied in your own house. It aims at tying each part of the house together so that one part to another will be connected.

First style that you are able to adopt is making a carriage style. You are able to add some glass windows and skylight features in the upper part of the barn style doors. Then, you can also polish the door with natural look but darker than before. Those ways are useful to bring modernity in the garage. Raising panels becomes a good way to change the old style to the new one. For other parts, you can add bracing of faux z purposing to make the doors tougher and more beautiful.

The second one is adopting traditional style of the garage doors. It is possibly different from carriage-house door type. You can also find difference in the upper corners of the doors. Square is the shape that is usually installed in the top parts of the garage. In this style, rounded and angled corners are usually not applied in the door. For the polish, the traditional one is similar with carriage style. You just need to polish the doors with natural look. Then, your old barn style will be more elegant and classy.

The third one is applying contemporary touch in your old barn style garage doors. You are able to adopt timeless style in your old style of the barn doors. Giving windows, skylights, or fanlights in the door are three of many ways you can do for the look. For this style, you can paint the door with white color. Add pieces of rive paper will make the door look adorable.