Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Review

The LiftMaster company offers a wide array of residential garage door openers but all of their models offering the best when it comes to safety and security features. Their models also come with a variety of horsepower levels and drive systems that allow them to be installed in all types of homes and used for all sorts of applications.

LiftMaster garage access systems are very sturdy constructions proven to withstand even the harshest of elements and years of extended use, and they come of course with accessories which are designed to make home access even more convenient.

LiftMaster Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

A decent number of the garage door openers which are sold today are chain driven, and LiftMaster offers a very wide variety of chain drive garage door openers. These products are durable, reliable, and offer lasting performance.

3575 LiftMaster Chain Drive Garage Door OpenerThe 3575 LiftMaster garage door opener is a chain drive system which uses a ¾ Horse-Power motor to lift even the heaviest of garage doors quickly and smoothly. This motor also has been designed to offer good performance in extreme weather conditions and the enclosed gear case it comes coupled with which provides continuous lubrication and protection means that this system will work for a very long time without any problems.

The model features the company’s Protector System of safety sensors meant to prevent the garage door from closing if it detects anything in its path. Other security features are the technology which ensures that a new code is sent each and every time the remote control is used and the company’s patented PosiLock system is there to make sure that the garage door remains locked once the garage door is closed. The system also features a manual release handle in the case of a power failure.

3595 LiftMaster Elite Garage Door OpenerThe 3595 LiftMaster garage door opener is a model designed to maximize its lifting capacity while still maintaining a silent operation. Its ¾ HP chain drive is capable of lifting even the heaviest of custom or designer garage doors without a problem while being able to open standard doors up to fourteen feet high.

This is the system for you if you have a carriage house or custom-made solid wood garage doors. It can take the extra weight thanks to its I-beam rail and chassis support bracket. It features the exact same things as the 3575 LiftMaster garage door opener but with the added capacity to lift even heavier garage doors.

LiftMaster BeltDrive Garage Door Openers

The company also produces belt drive garage door openers. The belt drive openers are just as tough and reliable as the chain drive ones but deliver an even smoother performance making them the ideal choice for homes with a living space right above or right next to the garage.

3850 Liftmaster Garage Door OpenerIn this section the 3850 is worth mentioning because of the fact that it comes with its own fully-integrated standby power system. This means that if and when the power goes out your garage door will still be able to open or close.

The standby system is capable of operating the garage door opener for forty cycles within a twenty-four hour period and then it will automatically recharge once the power is back on.

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