Painting Garage Doors

Having garage at home with perfect garage door to complete the function of the garage seems to be good thing that have been done in your home design idea. Besides considering interior decor idea in the whole room in the house, you will also need exterior decorating that should be up to date following the latest home decor ideas currently. And garage is important area where at least little area in the outside should be decorated well to impress your guests. Painting garage doors seem to be the simplest way to give it great facelift.

As like other room in the house or even every single part of the house, painting garage is actually simple to be done. Nowadays, there are many ideas and ways of painting garage doors that are available to choose and try. And in this article, we will give you simple and general tricks and tips to paint the garage door with DIY method. Well, the method is really easy to try. You can find all materials in handy and of course cheaper rather than getting repairman or someone professional to do it for you. Since you have much time for this DIY project, you will get the best result of your effort on modern and cheerful garage door color.

Preparation of Painting Garage Doors

Preparation seems to be the most first step before starting to do advance steps in painting garage doors. It is important to understand more about your garage and garage door condition.

There are several things that you need to know about garage door. If the garage door is old enough and you prefer to cover it with new coat and paint color, try to inspect it firstly from rust or pilled surface. You can clean it by sanding the specific area with rusty or pilled surface. Ensure to do it on the entire part of garage door if you prefer to change the color paint completely.

This first step is available for timber and metal garage door. Once the garage door has been cleaned from rusty and pilled surface, it is time for wash it from any dust and dirt. Water can really useful for this step.

You can utilize power wash to clean it up. Don’t forget to use sponge to help you clean it perfectly. For this step, you need appropriate time to ensure it finished in a day. Morning seems to be perfect time for this since you can get the sunlight to dry the garage door at the day in order to it is ready for painting garage doors in the next day.

Advance Steps of Painting Garage Doors

Once the entire garage door surface has been cleaned and dried, now it is time for you preparing the painting project. Do it in the morning so that the day sunlight can help you dry the door faster. Primer should be perfect to ensure the durability of the metal or timber garage door. You can apply double coats of primer to ensure the garage door durability. Once the primer has been applied, coat by coat favorite color paint is available to apply. And let the painting garage doors dried for 24 hours before it is operated.